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Human Resources

----The largest scale and most professional company among the same type of firms in the world

      More than 1100 people at the moment,25% of whom has undergraduate diploma and 40% has junior college diploma. A company with the largest scale and most professional among the same type of firms in the world.


Staff-Member Constitution

----Professional design & process team and perfect operation process

      120 senior engineers, 25 structure and exterior designers, 20 engineers of reverse engineering, 30 mold engineers, 120 CNC technicians, 150 manual processing technicians, 15 duplicated mold technicians, 28 spraying and silk-screen printing technicians, 25 special surface processing technicians and other professional technicians.


Facilities and Equipment

----Advanced equipment and processing methods to guarantee outstanding quality

      Three dimensional laser scan machines, more than 200 CNC plastic and metal-processing centers, laser engraving machines, SLA forming machine, vacuum duplicated mold machines, vacuum coating film equipment, ultraviolet rays ovens etc. And any other Supporting facilities, such as spraying, silk-screen printing, pad printing, products' pictures making, Clay figurine, electroplating oxide.


since 1996