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  The mission

  The 4 times industrial Customization: Amazon B2M, C2M.

  Core business:

  Service design, structure design, circuit design, software design services.

  Rapid prototyping customization, the whole industry chain provider.

  Batch production services to the whole industry chain.

  Industrial 3D printing equipment (FDM\SLA\SLS\SLM) provider, 3D printing materials provider.

  Internet service providers (020 flexible personalized B2M transaction closed loop).

  The status of the industry:

  Only one of the biggest in Asia, can provide reducing and increasing material manufacturing small batch production service outsourcing vendor independent.

  Military production license, military, military confidentiality qualification certification.


  Three independent D printing software copyright.


  The wholly owned subsidiary of the group zhenyu:

  Xiamen Daqian Zhenyu industrial product design Co. Ltd.

  Xiamen Mai chin Trading Co. Ltd.

  Beijing Daqian is science and Technology Co Ltd

  Suzhou Daqian Model Making Technology Co. Ltd.

  Xiamen Xin Chang Molding Technology Co. Ltd.

  Wystan (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.

  Daqian Zhenyu group covers an area of 50 thousand square meters, employees more than 1000 people, more than 20000 customers worldwide, is the same industry in the largest scale, advanced technology, industrial design, supporting the most perfect service leader.

  The group has built Xiamen, Beijing Zhenyu two 3D printing base, large CNC, including more than 60 sets of 6 meters by four meters 3 meters by 3.8 meters distance CNC Longmen milling machine, 3.8 meters by 6 meters CNC Longmen milling machine, laser scanner, vacuum casting machine, low-pressure pouring machine, UV curing machine, baking paint equipment, printing machine, screen printing machine, printing machine, electroplating oxidation facilities, vacuum coating machine, wire cutting machine, EDM machine, grinding machine, sandblasting machine, ash spraying machine such as the world's top technology and equipment.

  In 2015, Chang Zhenyu group under the leadership of chairman Wu Guobao has been successfully transformed, new R & D center, production base and marketing center, exhibition hall and other products of all industrial design, supporting the production of hardware and software put into use. To realize the dream, do Daqian hundred national enterprises.

since 1996